Twins? Or Wile E Coyote's Nephew?

Is Grant a brilliant technologist and engineer and computer systems architect and designer? Or is he a deep theoretical thinker in the fields of psychology and scientific spirituality? And is he actually trying to bring psychology, physics, spirituality, and even computer information technology together with his latest theories?

Does he know that physics and psychology don't really meet or connect? And that computer science's attempts to build Artificial Intelligence (AI) has not yet been successful?

Or is it just "bad blood" from his uncle, Wile E. Coyote, the famous inventor who kept trying to trap the Road Runner that keeps him going?


Welcome to the Cary Grant Anderson website!

In this site I will talk about myself, a favorite subject of mine, which you might find interesting, amusing, or even perhaps entertaining. One of my hobbies is humor and making people smile and laugh. I don't get to do this often enough and a website offers one the challenge of reaching many more people and thus perhaps getting them to smile or laugh. So please feel free to do so.

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Grant Features:

  • The DaVinci Man
  • The Hyperdimensional Man
  • Builds Complex Software Systems
  • Conceptualizes Complex Systems
  • Highly Creative and Inventive
  • Very Smart to Brilliant
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My uncle taught me everything that I know about Road Runners and inventions. He lectured me frequently about using modern technology in capturing Road Runners. Unfortunately, they are scarce here in Atlanta, Georgia

I, too, buy most of my stuff from Acme (only now it's called