Lugnut the Pickup Driving Dog!

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Lugnut is a mighty unusual little dog.  When I first met him he didn't act like a normal dog.  And I had no idea at time exactly what that would mean.  And what was I was in for in the near future.  Lugnut came to me from my nephew, Martin.  Martin was going to college up at one of those big and expensive engineering schools.  I had suggested that he should go into medicine instead but he loved tinkering with gadgets and building stuff so off he went to learn engineering.  My sister had an indulgence for the boy so that's a bit of what was going on in his family.  He wanted engineering in spite of much more money and respect he'd get as a doctor.  Now, before you'all thinks that I'm a meddling uncle I'm not.  It's that Martin had a way with animals, and sometimes with people, that I thought that he'd make a good doctor.  Always wanting to fix what's broken and such.  Turns out that that's a how I got to know Lugnut.

And you can read the entire first story of Lugnut right here right now!

Just download this PDF file and enjoy!

Lugnut Story

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